Amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas and end of year preparations I got to thinking and reflecting and I have somethings that I want to say. I am calling this my 2018 wrap up.


This year has been quite an interesting year for me and for every opportunity and obstacle I am forever grateful. I have grown tremendously both in personal and business capacities and there is a lesson to be told from every experience. My one word to sum up 2018 is emotional; I felt every bit of joy, sadness, anger, depression, confusion and whatever other emotions human beings experience. 

No shame! This blog post is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Here is my 2018 wrap up.

“Something’s on my chest, I want to express” – Vent – Teddyson John

The Whole Truth – CreativA MediA PR 2018 Wrap Up!

These thoughts are listed in no particular order and were derived from my personal experiences throughout 2018
  1. DO NOT FAKE IT – There are too many people out here faking it. I feel like if you do not know, say so, do not pretend to know. If you are not at “that place” yet then say so. Truth be told,  social media has people out here acting the fool and being fooled. 
  2. BE TRUSTWORTHY – In my line of work, you will have access to confidential information. It is important to understand why the information is being shared and how to shut up. I’ve learnt this year that there are publicists out there divulging clients personal information! How?
  3. BE DEPENDABLE – Do what you say! As a publicist and as someone who functions as part of teams, dependability is paramount. One slip up can throw off the entire process. 
  4. YOU MAY BE A THREAT – I am usually so focused on perfecting my craft and trying to stay positive that I never saw myself as a threat until it was pointed out to me recently. My motives are sincere, I am simply attempting to add value to the lives and careers of my clients and those around me.   
  5. YOU WILL BE SPOKEN ABOUT NEGATIVELY – And, so what? It took me a long time to get to the point of not being affected by things being said about me. Now, do not get me wrong, I will stand up for myself when I think it is necessary. The most important thing for me is being perceived and seen by the people who are close and important to me. Guess what? They did not like Jesus Christ and he gave his life to save humans! #Fact
  6. COPING WITH STRESS – I do get stressed out. There are times when my stress level is higher than usual and I am constantly trying to find ways to cope.
  7. DO NOT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW – I am no superhero. There is only one of me. I can only commit to doing things that I am physically and mentally able to do. 
  8. SAY NO – Sometimes I guilt myself into working on projects or being involved in situations that are just going to further drain my energy or frustrate me. If being involved is not a wise move for me then the word no is going to be extremely helpful. 
  9. BE BRAVEStepping out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions this year is a reminder of how bravery can help break down barriers. 
  10. SET YOUR STANDARDS – Setting your standards and standing by them is important. I believe strongly that if I stand for nothing I will fall for anything. I also do not expect everyone to have the same standards as me. 
  11. COLLABORATIONS CAN BE GREAT – Isn’t this the truth. I recently collaborated with the crew over at Di Soca Analyst and I enjoyed every bit of it. The collaboration reminded me that my voice and thoughts are worth sharing and there are people out there willing to listen and adhere.
  12. DEALING WITH CONFLICT – I function in an industry that is filled with drama *laughs* and I am not immune from conflict and have encountered my fair share. 
  13. SPEAK UP – Share your thoughts and do it respectfully. 
  14. BE TRUE – Are you trying to live your life as a duplicate? Listen, you need to hear this if you have not before; there is something unique about you, there is that special something, be proud and use it to your advantage.  
  15. BE DISCERNING – My goodness! Sometimes I wish that I had the ability to discern every single time!!! That gut feeling/vibe is very real. If we take time to pay attention we may save ourselves from multiple headaches and heartaches.


  16. ADMIT WHEN WRONG – The younger me loved being wrong and strong. As a professional and as an adult just admit when you are wrong and move on.
  17. WORK AND LIFE BALANCE  I am still working on this. I love my job but it is all I do at times so I am working on a proper balance so I do not burn myself out.
  18. BEING SELFISH IS NOT ALWAYS A BAD THING – I am telling no lies! 
  19. SHARING Listen, knowledge is only useful when it is shared that’s my belief. Share what you are able too when you can.
  20. CONTINUE TO LEARN I surely do not know it all and I am always open to learning. You should be too.
  21. CONFIDENCE IS IMPORTANT  Be confident, not cocky. There is a difference.
  22. INVEST Invest in yourself, your craft and your business, you will see the benefits in the long run.
  23. BE THANKFUL – Say thank you and show your gratitude.
  24. UNDERSTAND YOUR CONTRIBUTION – Know it and understand it to eliminate conflict and confusion.
  25. REMEMBER WHYMy why is a constant reminder. What is your why? Remember it! It is going to be important when the going gets tough. If you are not familiar with my journey, read a snippet here.
  26. BE BRAVEShoot your shot, the answer would either be yes or no and take risks because you just may achieve something great.
  27. MEET NEW PEOPLE – Be open to meeting new people. I particularly love meeting like-minded individuals. I am not only interested in being associated with only people in the same industry.
  28. TRAVEL If you can, please travel outside of your country of residence. Interacting with different cultures and situations assists with your growth both personally and professionally.
  29. SUPPORTHaving a great support system is important. We cannot survive in this world alone.
  30. PERSISTENCE Keep at it. What else can I say?

This 2018 wrap up is in no way intended to be me complaining. I am simply sharing my experiences and hopefully some jewels that can reinforce to you that you are not alone. Every single experience in 2018 has been teaching. Damn! 30 points! Who am I? *laughs*

Here’s to a great 2019. May it be filled with success, breakthroughs and happiness. I am heading into the new year with two of the most inspiring Soca tracks (recent); Alive and Well by Voice who is a former client and Not One Thing by Patrice Roberts, a present client.

Let me know if I missed any points by commenting below.

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