Just as in other fields, there are several myths and misconceptions about the Public relations (PR) field. I am sure you have heard some of them before. I have students, publicists, and prospective clients who have required clarification in the past and even recently had some inquiries that covered this conversation. I’ve picked my TOP 8 Myths about Public Relations to share with you!

All Publicity is Good Publicity

This is a common phrase that is NOT true for all scenarios. It is important to consider the possible consequences and impact that different types of publicity can have.

Immediate Results

It does not guarantee instant results or immediate success. It takes time, commitment, and consistent effort to achieve the desired outcome.

PR & Advertising are the same

They are not the same. PR focuses on earned media coverage and relationship-building with stakeholders.
Advertising involves paid promotional messaging through various media channels.

Only for Crisis

If you start communication and PR activities when you’re in trouble efficacy is unlikely. Building a strong and positive image requires constant presence to help build trust.

Only For Large Companies

Inaccurate! Some believe that PR is exclusively for large corporations or brands however, PR is valuable for organizations and brands of all sizes.

Control Media

Pitches are in the hands of editors/ producers and PR professionals do NOT control the press. PR is about effectively communicating with the press and the public.

Do It Yourself

Sure! You can attempt to DIY your PR but at what cost? A lack of strategy and clear messaging can cause more harm than good.


The thought that PR is all about spinning and manipulation is FALSE! PR aims to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Being ethical is important. The focus should be on authenticity, transparency, and open/clear communication.