When choosing the right clients, it’s about the vibe for me! That’s where it starts when I am considering a relationship. I cannot speak for anyone else but there has to be something more other than just the talent, which of course is important. Whether or not we are a great fit for each other is even more important for me.

My job as a publicist requires me to understand my clients. Unfortunately, if we are unable to vibe/mesh well then that is an indication that things are probably not going to work out. As bad as this may sound, it’s the only truth that I can give. I am pretty sure that you have all been in situations where the vibe/energy was off. It’s important to feel that that can work for all the parties involved when choosing clients.

choosing the right clients

Question Time

Now, I do not base my decision on vibe alone. After getting past the vibe/energy test it’s important for me to understand who the client is. When thinking about choosing the right clients I always want to know; Is he/she respectful? Are they willing to accept advice? Is he/she a loose cannon? Are their expectations realistic? Am I able to provide him/her with the best service? These are all valid questions for me. There is a reason why Public Relations is often listed as one of the most stressful jobs…It’s stressful!

I’ve been in Public Relations for quite some time and have learned not to force myself to work with clients that I am uncomfortable with. I shared this notion quite a few times with colleagues; some agree and others have called me silly. It’s never going to be a walk in the park but there are some relationships that are obviously less complex than others. I would be the first to say that you should always expect the unexpected from clients, they are all human. There is this wild misconception that publicists are some type of superhuman *laughs*. There are clients out here that literally think that we can fix everything! Either way, we are all human and are not exempt from making mistakes.

Be In The Know

Here’s another thing! When choosing the right clients it’s extremely helpful to know their history. Seriously, what’s their deal?

The past always has a way of popping up. We’re living in a digital world and nothing is forgotten. The inappropriate comments, tweets, pictures, criminal records etc are existing somewhere in someone’s device, waiting to be shown. Trust me, do not only rely on your prospective client to tell you about their missteps. It would be wise to utilize all appropriate avenues that can furnish you with any information on your prospective clients. You can also resort to the old-school way; ask someone who knows someone. When you become equipped with all the information you need, things become clearer. You are now not only able to decide if you are choosing the right clients but in a position to provide remedies for their issues or work on crafting their reputation and brand moving forward.

Then There’s Belief

This is where I am ending off. When choosing the right clients it’s important for me to believe in what they are doing and what they represent. I need to believe in what I am selling…Call me weird or whatever but how do you convince someone to buy into a story that you do not believe in. That belief is not only for me but the client also has to believe that his/her publicist is all in.

I hope my thoughts were helpful and clear. I’ve been asked this questions one to many time. I figured it required some addressing since it keeps coming up.

I am an unconventional, out of the box, sometimes frowned upon Entertainment Publicist.