It is impossible to avoid conversations about the coronavirus presently. While driving home a few days ago, the idea of the ‘Creative Approach To Corona’ came to mind. It would be dishonest of me to not admit that I am one of many affected. My clients are also experiencing the effects. I am not here to discuss precautionary health measures just for clarification. I would assume that everyone has been paying attention to advice by health practitioners. It is important that we are responsible and diligent.

In the position I hold in my clients’ lives I, fortunately, in most cases have a front-row seat. Which means I have the opportunity to witness things before many. The reality when discussing the creative sector is that there will be adverse financial effects. This Coronavirus makes me extremely uncomfortable. I know that I am not the only one!

It is quite a trying time for creatives. I cannot count the number of times I have made the comment “Fck Corona.” Yes, and I mean it! Recently while chatting over WhatsApp with a friend in the entertainment industry, I made the comment yet again. At that very moment, he spotted graffiti that echoed my sentiments on Leake Street, London. He is in agreement and shared it with me immediately. His name is Dwight ‘Dolla Cham’ Yearwood; artiste manager, booking agent, owner of riddimstream.

Brief Commentary from Dolla Cham while at Leake Street

We got to discussing what creatives should be doing during this time. I asked him, what the creative approach to coronavirus should be. The answer for us both was “creating.” I Yes that sounds really vague but it is what it is. This is how I see it..We can either see the glass at half empty or half full. Adopt a “Fck Coronavirus” attitude and attack your career head on.

Creative Approach To Coronavirus

We came up with a few ideas to get you going during this downtime.

Work On Mastering Social Media

Many creatives have neglected the proper use of Social Media; now is a great time to become more familiar. This also gives you a greater opportunity to interact with your audience.

Content Creating

Recording artistes, producers, songwriters etc, now is a great time to begin focusing on new projects. There have been many conversations about the seasonality of our soca music, now is an amazing time to change the course.


The idea of pooling together some of your creations into an album may be a great one. Do not hesitate to explore.

Visual Interactions

This ties into social media, of course, thinking about it, Vlogs, Video podcasts… The possibilities are there.

Streaming Revenue

Though, the results may not be enjoyed immediately the potential for streaming revenue opportunities are there.


I am referring to a bit of spring cleaning. Do those bio updates, spruce up your website.


It is a great time to engage your team in brainstorming sessions. While you may not be able to do it in person there are ways; zoom, google hangouts, skype etc.


This unforeseen downtime has a lesson in it for all of us. Begin preparing for the upcoming months


For many, this is more free time than usual, creating a schedule for the day is helpful. The idea is really for you not to feel useless and become overly frustrated.

Block Out

There is so much information floating around online and overloading your brain can really cause a meltdown. You are going to need to know when you’ve had enough.

Quiet Time

You are going to need a bit of this as well for balance. Maybe meditation? Whatever works best for you! Remember your mental health is important.

My guy, Dolla Cham said it the best “It doesn’t make sense sitting on your hands.” Got it? Of course discussions about finances may be required but the options of deferred payments, payment plans and bartering can also be raised. While frustration may kick in, remember to remain realistic, respectful and understanding.

If you have a dope project that requires my creative input, holla at your girl because I am willing. We can make things happen just by discussing the ways to make things happen. Remember, your creative approach to coronavirus is important at this very moment. I know that challenges will present themselves but where there is the will, there is also a way.

I am an unconventional, out of the box, sometimes frowned upon Entertainment Publicist.