In this blog post, we are discussing the topic of relationships…Not your romantic relationships though *giggles* but the relationship between Publicists and Journalists and Bloggers.

I want to start off this discussion by highlighting the importance of mutual respect. It’s important in life and is applicable here also. Truthfully Publicists, Journalists and Bloggers all have one major common goal; to reach the public. Their reasons for reaching the public may vary but it would either be to entertain, expand their audiences or educate.

Recently, I started asking for topic suggestions on social media. This topic suggestion came after asking followers on my Instagram what they wanted to know from a publicist The talented Lorraine, a blogger at Current Tingz asked: “As a PR, what is something you think bloggers and journalists can improve for better relations?”

As always (I do know why I always find it necessary to post this disclaimer), this is my opinion.


Everyone has something that they need to get done. In most instances when contacted by a journalist or blogger for a comment or opinion it’s on a deadline. If for any reason you are unable to respond immediately then agree on an appropriate time to submit your response.

It is advisable that you communicate in a timely manner.

This advice is also applicable to journalists and bloggers.


I have been peeved on a few occasions. It is absolutely annoying and disheartening to attend an interview with a client and the journalist or blogger is unprepared. Knowing at least basic information is helpful. Of course, you can ask for the publicist to furnish you with the relevant information. Researching is also an option.

As a publicist, you should offer relevant information also. I also suggest finding out the topics of discussion beforehand. This helps with preparing your client.

Ideally, when you are being approached by a journalist or blogger find out what they are looking for.

Get Familiar

There is a need to build relationships with bloggers and journalists as a publicist. There is also a need for bloggers and journalists to build relationships with publicists. As a publicist, it is important to make attempts to get to know the journalists and bloggers who specialize in your industry.

Do Not Complicate

You got the opportunity to sit and chat with a blogger or journalist, keep it simple. I would stay away from too much jargon if I were you. We should never assume that everyone knows as much about your industry as you do. All the unnecessary jargon can lead to you being misquoted and/or misunderstood. Try eliminating any confusion if using technical language. You can do this by explaining as clearly as possible.

As a journalist or blogger, there is no shame in admitting that you are unclear or require more simple language and/or explanations.

Be Aware

There are instances when it advisable to decline interviews respectfully. The principles and or guidelines for journalists may be a bit different for bloggers. Before agreeing to do an interview with any media house, do a bit of research if you are unfamiliar. This bit of research helps you with determining whether or not associating with the media houses that the journalist or blogger represents is best.

As a journalist or blogger, it is also fine to decline interview requests if it negatively affects you and/or your media house.


Sharing your motives prior to is advisable. As a journalist or blogger tricking someone into a situation is never a wise idea. I honestly feel that being upfront is the best way to go. What can possibly happen? You will either hear yes or you will hear no.

There you have it, a bit of what came to mind when the question was asked.

Feel free to drop your comments, feedback and suggestion below.

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