On December 8, 2023, Soca megastar Patrice Roberts released a 160 beats per-minute Soca song born out of her struggle with Anxiety. For many suffering from mental health challenges, the still taboo conversation is seldom addressed in music, let alone Soca music. As daunting of a conversation, Patrice is using her love for music to acknowledge the challenges that many others share globally.

Patrice Roberts

The creation of what Patrice labels as her “most sincere song” occurred during a studio session to listen to song pitches. A visibly “moody” Patrice could not give those present any feedback, which begged them to question what was wrong with her. At that moment, with teary eyes, Patrice revealed that she was having a “tough day that was being controlled by anxiety.” She was then encouraged to share more with the group, and a songwriting session ensued. That group consisted of three talented creatives, Mevon Soodeen, David Millien and Kitwana Isreal.

Patrice, her core team, and the group that created Anxiety agreed that this project should be given special attention, and the weeks following that first session allowed for this. Multiple studio visits, writing and listening sessions reassured the nervous songstress that she was making the right decision to be vulnerable publicly.

Two days before the song’s official release, Patrice shared social media posts outlining her battle with Anxiety. The feedback that she has received thus far has consisted of hundreds of direct messages and comments from others sharing similar struggles. The relatability of this project has reaffirmed a line in the song that says, “As I lay in my bed with my head to the ceiling, say I’m drowning alone, and I’m lost in my feelings.”

Accompanied by an official music video, which was powered by Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited, Patrice is hoping to remove any shame or misconceptions associated with Anxiety and other forms of mental health disorders.