Three days prior to the writing of the post, I was approached by an amazingly creative young man who was requesting one specific task. He knew why he wanted to achieve that one thing but was not thinking on a larger scale. After chatting for approximately 15 minutes I asked him, What Do You Want To Be Known For? He did not have a response. Here is a major problem that I have noticed; quite a number of people are uncertain about how they can be seen. This is something that requires serious consideration when venturing into public life. In this instance, I am referring to the Entertainment Industry. Let’s attach a phrase to what I am about to discuss; Personal Brand / Personal Branding.


I know, you may want to know what Personal Branding is, so allow me to explain. It is why you do it, for whom you do it and how you do it. Your personal brand is not your job title and it is not just what you do. Does this explanation make sense thus far? Alright, let’s continue, this thing that we are referring to as your personal brand has to be believable. Your personal brand is associated with your passion, purpose, strengths, expertise, experience, and values.

Simple picture right? The truth is that it takes time and effort to create and evolve your personal brand. I consider a personal brand to be one most important ways to stand out and solidify influence.  It is not just about a logo or trademark! We are in 2018 and because of social media’s popularity people are becoming more fascinated with individuals instead of the organization that they represent. In this case, it would be them becoming more fascinated with the individuals than your genre of entertainment.


What is your vision for the future? Answering this question will help in shaping your personal brand. Let’s be clear about something, this is about growing into the brand (person) that you want to be. We are not trying to create a person that you are not. There is a difference.

Here are some pointers that should assist you in developing your personal brand.

Be Yourself 
You do not need to be like anyone else or do what everyone else is doing.

Identify Your Uniqueness 
What sets you apart from anyone else? What’s that one thing that you are really great at?

Near Perfection 
Educate yourself and work on perfect your strengths and uniqueness.

Build Your Platform/s
Whether it is your own website or the most suitable social media platforms. Note that you do not need to be on all.

 Show your brand several times and ensure that your overall appearance and image is the same.

Know Your Audience
Who are you sharing your brand/story with?

Understand Your Value
What do you bring to the table? Be specific about the work that you do.

Admittedly, I am working on my personal brand. Can you tell? I am also here to help others with creating and maintaining theirs.

Here are two things that you can do for me:
1 – Tell me about your personal brand
2 – Tell me if there are any other points that I should include in my notes


I am an unconventional, out of the box, sometimes frowned upon Entertainment Publicist.