US Virgin Island raised Dennis’ Pumpa’ Liburd has been steadily stirring Soca circuits with his hit single ‘The A List.’ The popular single, which is quickly becoming the ultimate waistline starter for female party-goers, has generated impressive engagement on streaming platforms since its release. With over 330K streams on the digital streaming platform Spotify, ‘The A List’ also peaked in 24 countries on Apple Music and iTunes, securing number one spots on the Reggae charts in the British Virgin Islands in May 2023 and Austria in August 2023.

No newcomer to the entertainment industry, Pumpa who was born in Saint Kitts, is St Croix’s Groovy Soca Monarch 2023, a title he previously held. His singing, writing and performing spans almost two decades, with him touring throughout the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Pumpa’s high-energy performances have separated him from many of his counterparts. He leaves a lasting impression throughout his touring and shares, “Even when I am performing for audiences unfamiliar with me, I always get feedback about how great and high energy my performances are.” 

Pumpa’s performance at the heavily subscribed Stink and Dutty event for Miami Carnival created an uproar, much to the delight of those present. Footage from his performance shows loud cheers and revelry in response to his hit song. As Pumpa’s reach grows, Shazam, one of the most popular music recognition apps, shows ‘The A List’ as #131 on the top 200 chart in Trinidad on October 11th. This serves as an awareness indicator that the song is being enjoyed and heard, but those listening may need to be made aware of the artiste or song’s name. 

As Pumpa continues to entertain audiences globally he is focused on penetrating new markets. He is also working on new musical contributions for the St Croix’s upcoming Carnival season.

The song is also supported by an official video which was released on September 28th