I am no social media (SM) expert but I do understand the important role that various social media platforms play in communication. The way you use social media can assist with the success of your PR in your business. When I use the term “use social media” I am not simply referring to posting random social media messages and making noise. What I am referring to is strategic communication.

I am going to share my understanding of the purpose of Social Media. I will also discuss a bit of how it can be effectively used in PR.

Social media is a tool. Its fundamental purpose is to build and increase the visibility of a brand. It is also an effective tool for business promotion and communication.

SM and PR both share a commonality, they create a two-way dialogue between a brand/business and the public (the people being targeted to influence.) However, it is not all that you require to assist with your public relations success. Knowing the plan and the role that social media will play as part of your campaign is extremely important. Be mindful that SM only cannot guarantee you all the results that you are seeking.

There are so many SM networks out there. What you need to do is determine which are the best platforms for your business and projects. Think about how you can place your story/campaign in each of the channels that are suitable for your audience. PR and social media can work together to strengthen relationships and communication with target audiences.  People are bombarded with messages daily. This means that understanding the platforms will assist in successfully communicating your messages.

Another great thing about social media that I particularly favour is that 24/7 engagement; the fact that persons can interact with their favourite brands directly at any time. There are no scheduled hours that determines when they can share feedback so really the conversations never stop. Interaction and dialogue that are constant and consistent are required in PR.

What’s Up?

As a publicist, I have to stay up to date with the changes in technology and new tools that can help me in my practice. Just as you begin getting familiar with one tool there is a new upgrade, change or new tool altogether. I really just wanted to point out that as a publicist I recognize the importance

As I said in my introduction, I am no SM expert. I really just wanted to point out that as a publicist I recognize the importance and how it can assist my business and yours. So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to reach out to an expert that I know and ask her to share some insight. How its usage can positively impact your business and what you should know.
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