This is my 06th blog post and I feel like celebrating *laughs*. When I launched this website and made a decision to share words of inspiration and knowledge my biggest concern was consistency. Consistency!!! That’s the lesson of the week. My internal dialogue daily includes a reminder to continue striving to perfect my craft.

My friend Leon and I always chat about the entertainment industry at the most random times. If we are on a phone call it automatically transitions into something related to the industry if the basis of the conversation was not that already. It’s the industry that I function in and I thoroughly enjoy engaging conversations about it. Anyhoos, let me stop rambling. I mentioned Leon’s name because recently he sent me a voice note on WhatsApp suggesting some topics that I should tackle. While this was not absolutely one of the topics it is going to segway to some of them.

When the word consistency comes to mind I assign it to regular, uniformity, no deviating and steady/regular action.

I absolutely do feel compelled to drop some jewels for the entertainers that are up and coming and trying to make a dent in the industry. Here goes nothing:

  • Proof
    Show those looking on that you are seriously attempting to capture their attention. Simply! Show up regularly! If you are going to tell me that you are an artiste then I want to hear proof just as I would want to see proof if you tell me that you are a stylist, makeup artiste or photographer. Get it?
  • Quality
    Be on point or at least try! The quality that you are delivering should prove to be a serious attempt. I like to be as fair as and believe that the measurement between early releases and current releases should show growth.
  • Circle/Team
    Create a team that works for you. In the beginning, it may just be you plus one but over time the numbers could increase. If your team is not a good fit for your brand then it will be like spinning top in mud (do you know that saying?)
  • Honesty
    A group of “yes men” will not have a positive impact on your career. Honesty, even when you do not want to hear it is what is best. Trust me! If it is not a good product, someone needs to be there to tell you just that.
  • Knowledge
    I believe in education. I am not asking for you to be a walking encyclopedia but at least, please gain knowledge on your craft. Knowledge is power…
  • Visuals
    Be prepared, high-resolution images are important. When an opportunity arises for you to be featured in the media you may be required to submit images. Get some!
  • Investment
    Investing in your craft and yourself is mandatory. To be taken seriously, I see this as a requirement. Let me as a question, do you expect a poorly recorded and produced, unmixed or unmastered song to receive favourable responses? I think not. I get that financially, it may be difficult to do invest in numerous projects at once but discuss your priorities.
  • Story
    What’s your deal? Where’s your biography? Your story may not be very lengthy in the beginning and may become detailed as time progresses. At least have an introduction written for you, yes I write bios and intros *shameless plug.*
  • Social Media
    Get on there! We are in 2018 and social media is where a lot of things are at. Don’t you agree? You get the opportunity to observe and interact. Once you utilize the most appropriate platforms correctly you can reap amazing rewards.
  • Network
    Attend industry events where possible. Networking with like-minded individuals assists with forging alliances that can be mutually beneficial.
  • Plan
    What are your goals? List both the short and long-term goals and prioritize from there. They may need to be fleshed out and your team can assist you there.

Before making this post public, I shared it with Leon, after all his name was mentioned. He said something to me that I am now going to share here, “I committed to doing better each day. Even in a small way.” 

I think that now may be a great time to introduce him to everyone right? In my circle, Leon is someone I count on for honesty and clarity. He is in management, he is mostly always composed and less emotional than me so our friendship makes sense *laughs.* He is also into artiste management and a budding photographer. Peep him on >Instagram<. I know this part of this blog post is going to surprise him.

That’s it for now, did I miss anything?

I am an unconventional, out of the box, sometimes frowned upon Entertainment Publicist.